Domain Names and Hosting

Domain Names and Hosting

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is essentially your businesses online identity, it is what your customer would type in to view your businesses website, for example is our domain name. It is important to keep domain names simple and as closely related to your business as possible. However, domain names are 1 of a kind which means it’s important to secure the domain name for your business as soon as possible and that is something Hills Websites can help you with. We will help you find and secure the perfect domain name for your business that will allow customers to find you easily online.

Website Hosting

Website hosting can best be described as renting out a space for your website on the internet so that it is viewable on the world wide web. This basically translates to a fee that is usually monthly or annual and is a service provided by many companies including us at Hills Websites.
So why should you host your site with us? There are several reasons; We offer the best value website hosting in Sydney. We have researched all of our competitors and believe we have come up with a better deal for hosting your website than any of them are currently offering.
Hosting with hills websites will also include a minimum of 10 free email accounts which will be in your businesses name for example one of ours is These emails look much more professional to your customers than one of the free accounts attainable through services like hotmail and gmail.
It is also important to note that while there are many extremely cheap hosting services out there they are almost always very slow and unreliable hosting services which is extremely bad for more than one reason, customers will get frustrated with a slow website and leave almost instantly and search engines like Google will punish slow websites leading to them being ranked lower in its search results. All of the websites we make are hosted in Sydney giving your customers much faster load times when they visit your site.

If you’d like to learn more about our hosting plans Contact Us.

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